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Following the heartbreaking and untimely passing of Kelsey Kramer, those whom were close to Kelsey
wrote eulogies which truly told the story of who Kelsey was and what she represents.

A Eulogy by Kelsey's brother, Kyle read more ▶ []

Kelsey was a very special girl. She had a smile that could light up a room. She was a light to the world. She had a warming, exciting, loving one of a kind personality that could bring life and laughter to anyone. It was something else. Kelsey had an affect on people that no one else had. She was beautiful, smart, athletic, funny and so much more. Despite, all these wonderful gifts that God had given Kelsey, it is not these gifts that define you it is what you do with these gifts that really defines a person. And that's what really made Kelsey special.

If Kelsey wanted to do something she did it. I remember once in her room, running into her list of things to do in 2011. Things like be nicer, go to the beach, find a job and stop cursing as much. This taught me 2 things. If Kelsey wanted to accomplish something and put her mind to it she could do it. But more importantly, she had goals, she wanted to do things, she wanted to live, and more then anyone she did. When I was home this summer, she always wanted to be out with her friends, go out to dinner, go to the beach or take the car and go drive somewhere just because she could. She always wanted to be doing something. Kelsey realized how short life was, how important it was to try to have fun as much as you can and she did.

I remember this time when we were little at the beach and she insisted on meeting this girl that she had seen there. She spent 20 minutes trying to catch a jellyfish just so she would have a reason to talk to this girl and become friends with her. That's just the type of person she was.

Whenever people think of Kelsey, they think of a good friend. Kelsey knew the value of friendship and a good friend and she wanted to be the best friend she could be to everyone. She'd be anyone's ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. She'd do anything for her friends, but she also loved her family too. She'd always know the right thing to say to my mom to provide her with emotional support. As a sister, she always believed in me, even if I had doubts about myself. Even in high school when I struggled to make friends, she still looked up to me as her big brother. Every time I had a milestone in my life that I had overcome, she was always proud of me. She always cared and she was always there for us.

Anyone you ask will always tell you that Kelsey was always smiling and, she was always happy. What people don't know about Kelsey is that a lot of things would make her upset, and she had a lot of doubts about herself. But she was determined not to let that get the best of her. She always preached emotional strength, and being strong. She got this from her mother, but she really lived by it. Whether it was dealing with a tough break up, a fight with her parents, or nasty gossip she was determined not to let it get the best of her. She was determined to be happy and strong, and show it to the world.

Kelsey was an amazing girl. She accomplished more in 16 years then many people have accomplished in 100 or a lifetime. She lived a life full of love, she made the most out of her life that she possibly could. I'll end it by saying this; Kelsey, you always looked up to me when you were younger. But I should have been the one looking up to you. I'm so proud of you Kelsey. I Love you and will miss you.

Love, Kyle

The Greatest Gift of all is a daughter like you by Kelsey's Mom, Lori read more ▶ []

Kelsey, You Are the Light of My Life

The day you came into my life a star dropped from the sky and lit a flame inside my heart. Watching you grow that light burned brighter fueled by pride in each of your accomplishments and by the greatest love for all that you have become.

This flame keeps me going. It comforts my soul and completes my life. Knowing that I have blessed the world with the most precious of gifts – the gift of you.

Kelsey, you quickly made your place in this world, so quickly discovering your independence and becoming your own beautiful person. I want you to know always that no matter the time that passes between us, no matter the distance separating our hearts, my heart will be filled with the light you sparked so many years ago. And it will continue to burn so that you will always feel the love and comfort of home and never feel alone.

Thank you for blessing my life in so many ways. Kelsey, I love you with all my heart and my soul. I will miss you and remember you each and every moment of my life.
Love ,

Kelsey Lynn Kramer, you are Forever Strong, Forever Loved & Forever in our Hearts.

A Eulogy by Kelsey's Uncle, Richard read more ▶ []

I'm a father, husband, a son, a brother but, most importantly, today, I'm a proud uncle who is grieving.

Now I said proud, I'm proud because I have had the opportunity to be a part of Kelsey Lynn Kramer's life.

More so, I am proud of the lady that Kelsey has become. She had become this lady because of the environment that she had been raised in. The friends that she kept and the spectacular personality that enriched all of our lives.

As an uncle, you are a spectator on the side lines. I Watched Kelsey kick her way into the world. Kick her way with passion for everything that she did. Kick her way into excellence. Kick her way into our hearts and watched her Kick a few soccer balls too.

I am also a fan, a fan of Bill and Lori, who raised two tremendous children. An aspiration that I hope to fulfill myself, half as well as they have. Look at (Kelsey's brother) Kyle; poised, intellectual and athletic. Bill and Lori didn't just do it once, they did it twice! Wow, these Kramers, raise good kids!

Being a Pennsylvania boy myself, I know the good hearty stock that we have here. I have lived all over the country, many places in the world and travelled many others but nowhere else will you find the community as strong as one in Pennsylvania.

20 odd years ago, when Bill and Lori first decided to build their lives out here in East Nantmeal there were cows, fields, woods... not much else. Now look at it, what's happened? Change- new homes, townhouses, shops, restaurants, new road patterns, and what do good hearty stock do, they adapt, they change too. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have another change afoot. We lost one of ours. Too young and so sad. But, we will adapt. It's time for another fresh start.

From the first day that I laid my eyes on Kelsey, I knew she was going to be a handful. I had a splendid time babysitting her and Kyle. Remember the hand cuffs? Kelsey hiding in her bed room all day and numerous other memories? Well, maybe these are stories for another time. Anyway, a handful, right? I could tell right away just from the gleam in her eyes and the toothless smile that she was special. The smile, which developed later, soon became a staple in all of our lives, an expectation, a smile that pierced the soul, knocked down boarders and invited all to experience a whimsical personality. It also became an obsession to Kelsey which amused me tremendously as I am sure it amused many of you.

I know my family is besides themselves. I can see that the community is besides itself. I have met many of Kelsey's friends over the past several days and we all are grief stricken. Her friends have made a great impression on me. Good friends are indeed priceless trusts.

To Kelsey's friends, promise not to let Kelsey go. Never forget the value that you make in your youth. Focus on your strengths and excel at them. Use her memory to help others. Use her memory to rule the passions in your life that Kelsey will never get to experience.

To the community, there is an invincible spirit that has watched one of theirs go far away. We here, in this room are the ones who cared if Kelsey lived or died. Remember, that she exceeded our hopes and expectations. Our wonder now is to what she could have been, our time might be running out, so use the memory of Kelsey Lynn Kramer to aspire to all the good that you can do. People are dying senselessly everyday. Don't let Kelsey be just another.

To my family, Gabi wanted me to remind you, Because of Kelsey Lynn Kramer, We will be forever strong.

To Bill, Lori and Kyle, we are all here for you and no matter how we try or think, we will never know the grave pain that you feel. I can't say when you will get better. I just know that you will. Kelsey demands it. And she always got what she wanted!

And now, In closing, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece, a friend, a classmate, a teammate, a very special young lady lays down her head and sleeps peacefully. We kiss her gently on the forehead, we hug her, we wish her a restful sleep. We hug her and never let her go. We know that you are in a better place where these tragedies can't happen.
You will not fade away...

Kelsey Lynn Kramer, my niece and my inspiration.

Uncle Rich ( Richard Arnoldi)

Afterglow written by Helen Lowrie Marshall, shared by Leigh Elle Barie, Kelsey's cousin read more ▶ []
Kelsey's message to everyone of how she would liked to be remembered
I'd like the memory of me
to be a happy one.
I'd like to leave an after glow
of smiles when life is done,
I'd like to leave an echo
whispering softly down the ways,
Of happy times and laughing
times and bright and
summer days.
I'd like the tears of those who
grieve, to dry before the sun,
Of happy memories that I leave
When life is done.

If Tears Could Build A Stairway Author Unknown, shared by Alex Domin, Lindsay Holleran, Nicole Monk, Emily Morgan & Stephanie Tamburro read more ▶ []

If tears could build a stairway,
and thoughts a memory lane.
I would walk right up to Heaven
and bring you home again.

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say "Goodbye".
You were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.

My heart still aches with sadness,
and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you -
No one will ever know.

But now I know you want me
to mourn for you no more;
To remember all the happy times;
life still has much in store.

Since you'll never be forgotten,
I pledge to you today~
A hollowed place within my heart
is where you'll always stay.

Forever Strong by Chris Antich read more ▶ []
Never have I known a soul so fresh and pure
The way you'd light up a room as you walked through the door.
A smile that could make a shining sun appear dim and black.
I'd give anything in this world, just to have you back.
To have been loved by you I feel so lucky, and grateful.
Now I have been blessed with an exceptional guardian angel.
God sent you here with a purpose, to show how to love and care.
And you have accomplished that and so much more, in your shortened sixteen years.
Even on your worst days, you'd make mine the best.
And now I sit here devastated, as we lay you to rest.
You have engraved your love in all of our hearts.
Through your unconditional friendship, we will never be apart.
The memories I had with you will last a whole life long.
Your spirit will live on, in all of our hearts……..
Forever Strong
I love you Kelsey



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