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I have been asked to share my thoughts about you and your life so people have a better understanding of Kelsey Kramer. I have so many thoughts and so much to share. So how and where do I begin…so the beginning seems natural. Kelsey, one day I had hoped that you would become a mom and I had planned to share a journal that I kept for you from the day you were born through your first birthday. Each day, I wrote in this journal about you, Kelsey, what you did, what milestone you achieved and how wonderful it is to have you as a daughter in our lives. I am so sorry that I didn't share this with you sooner and that you will never have the opportunity to read these words yourself.

So, I am going to share with you the words that I wrote on the day you were born:
"Welcome to the world Kelsey Lynn Kramer-October 8th 1994, Saturday 1:32PM. After 20 hours of difficult labor and you arriving over one month early, mommy and daddy have their beautiful, precious, little girl. You are so tiny. Only 5lb 12oz. All of your features are so delicate and petite. Because you were premature, the doctors initially whisked you away to make sure you were okay. They soon brought you back to us and told us that you're perfect and healthy. For the next few hours, mom and dad just held you and stared at you in awe. Our beautiful, healthy baby girl-our angel. We both were hoping for a daughter and now our family is complete. A son and a daughter to love and to cherish and a lifetime of beautiful memories to begin. "

Kelsey, despite many obstacles, you were determined to enter this world and so it is only fitting that this determination allowed you to become such a beautiful, vivacious, confident, loving and caring person. My spontaneous, energetic girl who loved life and lived for every moment in life. You were my outgoing, friendly social butterfly. Your happiness came from within but it radiated out to all who you shared it with and you shared it with everyone each and every day of your life. Those sparkling eyes and that beautiful smile are imprinted in our minds forever.

Kelsey, you always had such an air of confidence along with that determination. I often described you to others as my strong willed girl with attitude. Certainly, if Kels, set her mind on doing something, somehow, someway she made it happen. Kels, you always found a way to do it and do it well. You have accomplished and done more in your 16 years than many hope to achieve in a lifetime. That competitive, determined nature was strongly embedded in all that you did and accomplished and certainly you demonstrated this each and every day throughout your life whether it was on a soccer field, a dance floor, a classroom, or a debate at the dinner table.

Since you were a little girl, Kelsey, you have been courageous,inquisitive and full of wonder. Always seeking to engage in new things and new discoveries, no matter what it took to make it happen. It has been a privilege and an honor to have watched you evolve into such a beautiful, strong and independent young lady. Kelsey, you lived your life being forth-right and honest. You were a person of strong character and integrity. You believed that honesty was the best policy and you lived your life by that virtue. I have always respected the fact that you were truthful and honest no matter what the circumstances or consequences. People certainly knew where they stood with you as you always shared your honest opinion. At times, it wasn't very easy to be honest with yourself and with others but you believed that people should always hear the truth. You expected the same from others and respected people for being honest even if it was difficult to hear at the time. Kelsey, you certainly were not perfect for no one is. You certainly made your share of mistakes but you learned from them, developed as a person and moved forward with life. Your experiences both good and bad shaped and molded you into a very special girl and someone that your dad and I are extremely proud of.

One of the special traits that stands out about you is your compassion and sense of caring for others. Kelsey, you were always there for everyone, your mom, dad, brother, family and friends. You had the ability to put others before yourself. You went out of your way for others and made a difference in the lives of those you cared about. With your friends, I use to think of you as "Dear Abby." I was amazed at the number of friends that confided in you, sought out your advice and put their trust in your hands each and every day. You were a trusted confidant and a true and loyal friend to many.

Kelsey, you inspired and motivated others to believe in themselves and to live life. You certainly had many, many gifts but your gift of caring, listening and being there for others is one of your greatest attributes. Kelsey, I truly believe you lived each and every moment of your life.. It was a life of non-stop action from the very beginning. You never sat still, never wanted to miss out on one single thing or one single moment of any day of your life. You lived life and lived with no regrets. Kelsey, I recently found a journal that you wrote when you were 13 years old and the last entry that you wrote was, "I am going to live today like it is my last day." Well Kelsey, I truly believe you embraced that ideal and lived and loved life. You sought out the joy in life and were motivated from within. You drew upon your emotional strength, the core of your foundation & being, and you were driven by your life motto of "Forever Strong" to guide you through life's path. Through this you made your impact on our lives and on the world. Kelsey, you certainly have made a difference and left your imprint on the world.

Your brother, Kyle, shared these words at your service and I really feel he captured your essence.
"Kelsey was a very special girl. She had a smile that could light up a room. She had a warming, exciting, loving one of a kind personality that could bring life and laughter to anyone. She was beautiful, smart, athletic, funny and so much more. Despite all these wonderful gifts that God had given Kelsey, it's not these gifts that define you, it is what you do with these gifts that really defines a person. And that's what really made Kelsey special."

Kelsey, your dad, Kyle and I are so very, very proud of you. A beautiful and loving daughter, sister and friend. You have touched so many hearts and so many lives in your 16 years. You truly lived and enjoyed each and every moment of your life. Kelsey, you lived life with no regrets. You embraced life and were driven each day by these two ideals –"Forever Strong" and that " Everything will be okay in the end; if it is not okay, then it is not the end." That spectacular personality has enriched all of our lives and will be a part of us forever Kelsey, I have been truly blessed to have had you in my life.. You are a rare and treasured gift. You are my beautiful daughter and I will cherish you all of my life. Kelsey, I love you, and I want you to know that being your mom has been my greatest joy.

Kelsey, you will never ever be forgotten. Kelsey Lynn Kramer, you are Forever Strong, Forever Loved & Forever in Our Hearts

love, mom


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